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Nokia Asha 302 hardware

Dani has been carrying out the ‘Ultimate Experiment’ recently – ditching every other mobile device and using only the Nokia Asha 302.

She’s covered various aspects of the phone in a series of posts detailing her triumphs (and a couple of frustrations). She starts by describing the process from the moment her SIM card made the transition to the new phone, and goes on to cover the camera performance and the hardware.

From the moment she placed her SIM in the Asha 302 she found the experience easy (aside from a few difficulties transferring her contacts). She likes the keyboard and the screen which is

‘bright and clear…and easily read’

As far as the camera performance goes, she took a whole gallery of images on a trip to London, and was ‘impressed’ with the results from the 3.2MP unit. Especially coming from someone used to 8 MP, this is high praise indeed. Here’s one of the snaps she took:

Nokia Asha 302 camera

The Ultimate Experiment also covers a hardware review – well, it wouldn’t be the same without one, would it? – in which she says she has ‘nothing but praise’ for the keyboard (‘built like a tank’), the camera (see above), the speaker (‘superb’) and the general build quality (it survived in her bag without scratches or damage).

Hardware of Nokia Asha 302

The Ultimate Experiment continues, so make sure you keep your eyes open for future updates. Have you had your hands on an Asha 302? Got any experiments you’d like to try with a Nokia? Let us know on Twitter or on the Trial A Nokia page.