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Groupon featured

 Groupon live tile

Groupon is a staple for deal seekers. Through group buys, consumers can score deals on travel, goods, meals and just about any service around them. With the mobile app on your Nokia Lumia, you can buy and use your Groupons while on the go. 

With the newest version of Groupon’s Windows Phone 8 app, we’re taking the deal experience to a whole new level. Initially available in the US for Nokia Lumia users, you can literally see augmented reality Groupons through your camera lenses. Simply point your phone in any direction and see those virtual Groupons pop right before your eyes.

One of the cool features of Windows Phone 8 – now available on the Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920, Lumia 810 and Lumia 822 – is Microsoft Wallet. With Wallet, you now have instant access to your purchased Groupon deals.

Groupon wallet

 Groupon reminder

Have you purchased a Groupon and not sure when it expired? No worries. With notification alerts on your live tile, you will always know when deals are going bye bye – and they’ll be visible within the Wallet section as well.  You can also receive a push notification on expired deals – a feature you’ll only find on Windows Phone.

If you want to stay in the know – be sure to pin the Groupon live tile to your home screen so you can view details based on your location. Also, if you’re the social butterfly, you can easily share your Groupons on Twitter and Facebook, directly from the app. 

As you can see, the Groupon app for Windows Phone brings something special for Nokia Lumia users. I most appreciate the ability to see the Groupons around me, navigate to those locations with Nokia Maps, and view through the camera lenses in real time those must-have Groupons! Also, reminders on when my Groupons will expire are a huge bonus so that I can be sure to pocket my savings by actually using them.

Tell us what your favorite aspect of the new Groupon app is.