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The world’s most innovative smartphone is jam packed full of wonderful surprises.

Search for the Nokia Lumia 920 online and you get over 100 million results. With so much information out there about the world’s most innovative smartphone, you’d think there’s nothing else to learn. Well, we’ve spoken to Smart Devices tech guru, Timo Joutsenvirta, and he’s helped us unearth ten cool facts and features you probably still don’t know about.

1. Zirconium camera deco and side buttons

Nokia devices have always been built to last, so maybe it comes as no surprise to discover the camera decoration and side buttons are made from an incredibly hard substance called zirconium. Both scratch and dirt resistant, it ensures your Nokia Lumia 920 looks great for even longer.

2. Perfectly synchronized floating lens tech

You’ve probably heard that the OIS in Lumia 920 uses floating lens technology. However, whereas typical DSLR stabilization solutions have only one moving lens, within the Lumia 920 the entire optical assembly works in perfect synchronization with the camera movements. Which means less camera shake than ever before.

3. NFC integrated into wireless charging stand

If you’re using the Lumia 920’s wireless charging stand, you can use your favourite applications while it’s powering up. Simply tap your phone with the NFC logo in the wireless charging stand and the application will start. How’s that for convenience?

4. Higher-powered flash

The Lumia 920 doesn’t just have a Dual-LED flash, it has a next generation high-power Dual-LED flash. This gives you a significantly more powerful flash of light for those darker environments and ensures you can take fantastic pictures even further away from your subject.

5. Personal music equalizer

To give you the best possible music and video experience, the Lumia 920 has a sound equalizer. There are eighteen presets available, but you can also create your very own settings.

6. Automatic photo upload

We all know how annoying it is to lose a great photo. Happily, with the Lumia 920, you can automatically upload all your photos to your SkyDrive. Besides saving them  immediately, this means you can show them on any web enabled tablet, laptop or PC. What’s more, you can use WiFi for uploading full resolution photos.

7. Better Facebook personalization

When it comes to personalization, the Lumia 920 rocks. If you download the Facebook app, for example, it gives you the option to select a random picture from your Facebook albums and have it set as your lock screen picture. You’ll be presented with a random new memory day after day.

8. Your own Lumia 920 rooms

The Lumia 920 also takes social to a new level by allowing you to create a room for sharing calendars, photos and notes with your friends or family. On top of this, you can also have a private group chat within the group.

9. Bluetooth voice commands

When you have your Lumia 920 connected to your Bluetooth headset or to your car audio system, you have the option to read or ignore your text messages using voice commands. Just command read to have the Lumia 920 recite the incoming SMS or say ignore to save the message for later.

10. You can photograph the web

The Lumia 920 also makes it easier to save info from the web, by giving you the option to take screenshots. Simultaneously press the power key and Windows key and your Lumia will take a screenshot of your display and save it in the gallery.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably discover a cool new feature on your Nokia Lumia 920 every single day. If so, we’d love to hear which unexpected delight got you smiling the widest.

Image credit: Onezilla