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November 13, 2012

Exclusive interview: Lumia 920 in Minecraft

If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet then you’re in for a treat. This is a Lumia 920 that has been created using over 370,000 Minecraft blocks! This epic build of a suitably epic subject took Gokuroyu (aka Darek) 14 days to complete.

Here is the video:

Here are some images of the building process:

We managed to contact and interview Darek to get answers to a few questions we had…

Thanks for joining me today Darek, I hope you are well.

Thanks for the invitation. I’m great thanks very much!

How long have you been playing Minecraft?

It’s hard to say. I remember Minecraft beta 1.6, so I probably started more than one and a half years ago.

So tell me, why did you chose the Lumia 920 as your first big project?

Everyone who plays Minecraft wants to create something big, but not everybody has an idea what to build. I really like Nokia products. Every day I was reading the latest news about the Lumia 920. I was pretty impressed with how great it looks, how awesome Windows Phone 8 is going to be and how much stuff Nokia put in this phone (like the incredible PureView camera). Let’s say that it was love at first sight. One night I was playing Minecraft and listening to ‘Creep You’ feat. Nina Sky (Nokia ‘Sped Up Mix’ from the Nokia Lumia 920 trailer). Then a crazy question came into my mind, “hey, why not build a big Nokia Lumia 920 in Minecraft?”. At the beginning it was supposed to be only a wall with tiles. But when I put the first block on the ground I was like “this is going to be the greatest Minecraft Lumia 920 ever! I wanted it to be in 3D with a working camera shutter, flash, processor and other stuff! It was something that no one had ever built before. That’s why I chose Nokia Lumia 920.

If the Lumia 920 was your first large scale build, what else do you have in store? Do you have plans to create more Nokia products?

If I have some free time, then why not? Now I’m adding some more stuff like Marketplace, IE10 and messages to the Lumia 920. One user from YouTube wrote a comment “Where is the wireless charger?”. So I think that this charger is going to sit behind the Lumia 920. Maybe I will create some products I’ve already mentioned on one of the tiles. I also thought about Lumia 820 and Nokia PureView 808. Maybe some of the Connects community have some ideas? Everything is going to be on the same map, in the same world. It will basically be Nokia World in Minecraft!

Have you been a Nokia user for a long time?

For two and a half years I have had a Nokia 5800XM with BH-450 bluetooth Nokia headphones, two vital ingredients for a cycling trip, might I add. I know that Nokia products are always great, that’s why I think that I’ll never buy another brand of phone. I hope that one day I will get enough money to buy the Lumia 920, until then I’ll stay with my 5800XM. And it’s not even my first Nokia phone.

What was your first Nokia phone?

My first Nokia phone was the Nokia 3210. I think I bought it in 2003, I used to try and beat records on Snake during lessons at school.

Have you ever thought about doing a Minecraft song/parody?

I don’t want the world to suffer so I sing only in locked rooms :P. I recommend you check out these two YouTube parodies: “Fallen Kingdom” by Captain Sparklez and “Form this way” by InTheLittleWood, they are awesome and worth checking out.

Well, thanks for speaking to me today, we look forward to your future projects. Happy Minecrafting to you!

Thanks, I send my regards to the whole Nokia Connects team!

What do you think Darek should create next in his Nokia Minecraft World?

Have you conquered similar feats for Nokia in your spare time? Let us know and we will show the rest of the community! Leave a link below in the comments section or Tweet us @Nokia_Connects.