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Nokia has an exclusive partnership with Bloomberg – one of the most robust news organizations in the world. Everyone from casual investors, financial news watchers and day traders all have eyes on Bloomberg. Nokia Lumia users can access all Bloomberg business and finance information in one single place, through the exclusive Bloomberg Hub for Nokia Lumia. 

I wanted to get some perspective on Bloomberg as a news production facility, so I reached out to Oke Okaro, Global Head and General Manager of Mobile and Connected Devices at Bloombeg.

Give me some numbers behind Bloomberg – reporters, data collectors, analysts – what does it take to make the entire operation run?  

Oke: We have one of the largest news organizations in the world with more than 2,300 reporters in 72 countries, a global television network, a radio station, print magazines, websites, mobile products, and enterprise services.  We also have over 700 analysts and so many people doing smart things with news and data that our headquarters can sometimes feel like an extension of a top research institution like MIT.

Our core competence in quickly and accurately gathering and delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology is at the core of everything we do. In recent years, we’ve built on that core competence and started delivering innovative solutions in the fields of government, law, energy and sports.

How do Bloomberg users’ behavior differ on mobile?

Oke: Mobile supplements our different media platforms — TV, Radio, Print and Web — by enabling our users to stay connected throughout the day. Our mobile products are often the first place our users start their day when they check in for the latest news and market info; be it how overseas markets performed while they slept, breaking news, the latest news or what to look forward to in the day ahead.

Then during working hours they hunt for specific information related to their investments and breaking news on their business/industry while dipping in and out of checking market indices, stock prices and the latest news headlines.

Our users end their days getting a better understanding by looking at analysis and commentary on the day’s events.

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 Bloomberg Screenshot

What’s the most used mobile feature within the Nokia Lumia application?

Oke: It’s too early to identify the most used feature in the Windows Phone app; however, we designed it to give consumers a personalized one-stop hub experience for critical business and finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools. We hope consumers leverage the custom panoramas and Live Tiles on the start screen for information that matters most to them.

What can we expect next from Bloomberg on Nokia Lumia?

Oke: We just launched the Bloomberg app on Windows Phone 8 this week, which gives consumers an increased level of personalization. For example, in addition to being able to track personal portfolios in the Live Tiles, they can now use their watch lists as their personal lock screen. Also, now that users can choose from up to three sizes for the Live Tiles they pin to the home screen, they can see more of their news, market data or stock information at any given time.

What was unique about working with Nokia to bring the Lumia app to fruition?

Oke: Over the years, we’ve had a long-standing relationship with Nokia and have brought exciting new products to their users. This is just another one of those exciting products and we look forward to working together to do more for their Windows Phone 8 users as it takes off.

Have you used the Bloomberg app for Nokia Lumia?