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There have been some amazing videos and reviews upon the release of the Nokia Lumia 920, here are the best:

A series of tests on YouTube by PhoneBuff assess the Lumia 920’s durability with a variety of challenges, such as the scratching of the mobile device with a set of car keys, the slicing away of the screen with a large knife and an attempt to smash the screen with a mallet.

Eventually, the smartphone was used to hammer in a nail, yet the Lumia 920 still comes up trumps, resisting damage and looking virtually untouched to the naked eye.

We’re all liable to accidentally dropping our phone, and in this video, the Lumia 920 is dropped onto a typical concrete street from differing heights – even enlisting in the help of a young boy – only to find the smartphone to still be working normally.     

Nokia fans are known for their ingenuity and creative spirit, but John G. Pedersen showed incredible innovation when he tried to charge his Nokia Lumia 920 on a kitchen hob.

The Nokia Lumia 920 uses inductive charging, therefore the Dane wanted to test whether, or not, the smartphone would recognise the technology from the cooker. The video shows how the Nokia Lumia 920 recognised the technology, as signalled by the battery icon, but didn’t actually charge.

The ‘vibrant and colourful’ video coverage on the Nokia Lumia 920 was highlighted by Matt from Engadget as being ‘very, very good’, on a mobile device with a ‘very sturdy classic bit of phone design.’

What do you think of these videos, entertaining, useful? If so, tell us by commenting below.