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L'Wren Scott designs

L’Wren Scott is well known in the fashion and entertainment industries, and now she’s making waves in the world of mobile and social technology as well. L’Wren Scott’s designs and fashion brand have always been forward facing and with a new app for Nokia Lumia, she’s looking to engage with her audience in a whole new way.

L’Wren Scott for Lumia is an exclusive application found in the Nokia Collection and it allows you to check out pictures and videos from L’Wren Scott’s fashion shows, get behind the scenes access and provide information on where you can purchase looks and items you want in your own collection.

Ms. Scott was recently honored at the Night of Stars Gala Event in New York City where she was awarded the Fashion Group International Lord and Taylor Fashion Oracle award. Also, the event served as a coming out party for her innovative application that puts her fashion collection into the hands of all Lumia owners.

We were able to catch up with Ms. Scott, just before the event to talk about mobile technology, Nokia Lumia, fashion and how these worlds are coming together.

You just developed your first mobile app on Nokia Lumia – can you talk about the partnership with Nokia?

L’Wren Scott: Working with the Nokia team was a lot of fun! I’ve always been a fan of Nokia, I love how Nokia Lumias are designed – with the amazing fun colors – they fit together so well from a design perspective. The Nokia Lumia shows how fashion and technology can mix in an elegant way. 

L'Wren Scott for Lumia

  L'Wren Scott screenshot

I’m a huge proponent of mobile technology – in fact, I recently conducted an entire fashion show on Twitter and Instagram instead of a traditional runway-like show. We received such an amazing reaction. Of course, we briefed select journalists ahead of time, but others checked out the show strictly online and it was a great experience.

Using the L’Wren Scott app on Nokia Lumia will allow my followers to be constantly updated on what my team and I are doing – and those interested in my collection can see what’s inspiring me, what’s inspiring the brand. I’ll include lots of exclusive content and more as the app evolves.

How does the app experience stand out – what does it bring to the table? 

L’Wren Scott: The app itself was designed to be easily navigated and simple to operate. The app tells the story of our brand heritage and we’ve strived to make it very personal. Also, as it evolves – the excitement can only keep building.

Fashion is ubiquitous these days and so is technology. What are your thoughts on the intersection of fashion and technology – where are we headed?

L’Wren Scott: Everything is now very instantaneous. People constantly want instant gratification. We’re a society of Twitter and with our Lumia application, we can build a ‘front row’ view of the process.  

People love to click and buy, and others like me prefer to touch and feel and see and buy. Sometimes I find things online, then go into a store and buy it.  

We can show sneak peeks into new collections and new seasons. In time, we will have in-app commerce allowing users to buy an item directly from the app.

What are a few things about the app you want your followers to know about?

L’Wren Scott: The app is now available exclusively on Nokia Lumias. It’s free and fun and will only get better as time marches on!

What are the apps you can’t live without?

L’Wren Scott: Oh I’m such a nerd when it comes to my apps… One app I can’t go without is Kindle and a good recipe app, just in case I want to cook something up that inspires me.

What advice would you give fashion brands/your peers about going out into the social and mobile space?

L’Wren Scott: Using social media and mobile apps is a great way for people to hear about you and understand what you’re all about.  Everybody’s doing it: you should be, too.

Follow your instincts and follow what’s right for you, that’s my motto personally and with my brand.  Do what makes sense for you and what’s right for the time. Constantly push to the next level.

With today’s phones, the camera and social media are so connected – we need a rocking’ good camera, and the Nokia Lumia 900 is one of my favorites.