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Nokia Lumia 920

There are several different groundbreaking technologies that have come together to create the wonderful PureMotion HD+ screen on the Nokia Lumia 920. 

As a result, Nokia’s flagship smartphone has the world’s fastest and most sensitive smartphone touchscreen coupled with good sunlight readability

Yet, there still remains one final aspect of the Lumia 920’s screen that we have yet to touch upon in any great detail: its resolution.

Nokia Lumia 920

For the record, the Lumia 920 display has a resolution of 332 pixels per inch (PPI) and a HD+ pixel count of 1280×768.

Why HD+? HD is commonly understood to mean 1280x720p pixels. With the Lumia 920’s 1280×768, it has 7% more pixels on the screen giving you the possibility to see more content on the screen at once – hence the plus.

Thumbing up

Another standout aspect of the Lumia 920 display is that it has a 15:9 aspect ratio, when most other manufacturers are moving towards 16:9.

“The 15:9 aspect ratio was an intentional choice because we felt that it provided the best balance between touch usability and how much content you can see on the screen,” explains Jussi Ropo, Nokia’s Senior Technology Manager. 

“You don’t need a long thumb to reach the upper corner, so you can use it with one hand.”

Isn’t it reassuring that in the battle to have the fastest, biggest and greatest specifications, Nokia hasn’t forgotten that their devices still have to be used by humans?

Seeing more

Of course, even on 15:9, the screen is big enough for you to see all the detail that you need.

The picture below offers a nice illustration of the extra content that you are able to see on the Lumia 920’s WXGA HD+ display, in comparison with a WDVGA display and a 720p display.

Screen comparison
Comparison between the amount of content visible in WXGA HD+ display vs WDVGA and 720p

A big screen that shows great detail is a delight to use. You can view more of a web page without scrolling around or needing to zoom in.

PureMotion HD+ 

It has been quite a feat for Nokia’s engineers to put so much into the Lumia 920’s display. With the size and resolution, we must add all the other innovations that were mentioned at the start of this article.

“I think the beauty is that we have it all in one package. That was maybe our greatest challenge. It is easier to make a really fast screen that doesn’t look great outdoors, or a great outdoors screen but it doesn’t have a high resolution and so forth,” says Jussi.

“We think we have achieved a good combination of a really fast and bright screen without having to make so many compromises along the way. It is easy to say that this is the best screen we have done so far.”

image credit (home page banner): cuatrok77