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808 PureView

Back in September I interviewed Sam from the Midnight Bonfires, who with his band and crew, had decided to create an official music video, all with an 808 PureView. We supplied the phone for them and the rest is history. The final cut has just been published, so sit back and enjoy the music!

And so, here is the second half of the interview that took place a few months ago

How did you guys find the 808 PureView?
We all found the 808 PureView to be a brilliant device to use and the pictures and video it took were stunning. Most of the band aren’t too technical but we could all tell the quality of the device was huge. The sound recording was also incredibly impressive whilst we tested it out in a few loud practices.
What’s your favourite thing about it?
I think we’d all agree that our favourite thing about the device is its size. Yes it might be a comparatively large smartphone, but with a 41Megapixel camera it should be a lot bigger. The fact that something so small can take pictures that well is unbelievable and it’s much easier to carry around than a huge professional video camera.
Did you face any challenges making a video on the 808 PureView, if so, how did you overcome them?
There were not many problems we really encountered with the device itself. There were certain times within the day when we had to do multiple takes but that was down to the atmosphere we wanted to create. The tripod and the tripod attachment made it easier to film some of the indoor shots and outdoors we wanted to create a very ‘first person’ feel which the phone helped with. We struggled with battery power very momentarily whilst in a field (the camera being on almost all day), however we used the Nokia portable charger to help us out there! 
What did you learn from the whole experience?
I think we learned that making any music video, large or small, is always a huge task. We owe a lot to our friends for helping us out, volunteering to be in the video, helping with the filming, face paint etc. I also think we learned that sometimes, not having a completely thought out plan can be a good thing. We got some great shots that were not originally planned and they worked really well. (Not always of course!)
Have or would you recommend 808 PureView phone to other people, perhaps to a band as an investment?
We’d definitely recommend that 808 PureView to other people even just as a camera alone never mind the added features it has whilst being a very capable smartphone. I think we’d all also give it a brilliant thumbs up in terms of working with any kind of music because of the amount of noise it can handle. For recording simple demos it’s brilliant and with the built in fm-transmitter you can listen to it in the car afterwards straight away!
Overall we love the device and it’s something that can be used for many different things.
Well, that wraps-up our interview! What else do you think would be awesome to film with a Nokia? If you know anyone that could potentially do something cool or do you have an idea go yourself? Drop us a note in the comments section or sign up to our Trial a Nokia programme.
image credits: aboodesta