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Best Nokia Lumia apps health and fitness

Before the holiday season hits, it’s probably a good idea to either start getting in shape in advance, or to formulate a plan for shedding those extra pounds once it’s all over. There are loads of apps to help you with this, and I’ve found some of the best for you:

Watch what you eat on your Lumia


Cost: Free in the Marketplace
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Watch what you eat

Ali took a look at this app back in February as part of the Lumiappaday series, and gave it a pretty decent score in his summary. Essentially a calorie tracker that assists you towards a target weight, MyFitnessPal comes ‘highly recommended’:

Log your jogs with Marathon


Cost: $1.99 in the Marketplace, or there’s a free version
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Track your movements

I picked this up from a comment thread on the WP Central round up of jogging apps, so thought I’d check out what people were saying about it:

isingbass says that the

‘voice feedback and overall flexibility’

put it above other apps, and islehopper reckons there is

‘no better choice’

when it comes to accuracy and for the use of a double sided Live Tile. 

Have you tried Marathon yet? What do you think?

short term training

6 Week Training

Cost: Free in the Marketplace
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Short term fitness

It’s never terribly easy to see how you are progressing with a fitness program (you ay feel better, but how are you actually doing?) As Jeppe wrote earlier this year ‘6 Week Training overcomes this by gauging how adept you are on day one and testing your progress through ‘exhaustion tests’ that inform next week’s schedule.

Short term fitness goals

The idea is to reach a goal, say 200 sit-ups, in six weeks. It works with you in real time, giving you a 90 second break in between sets, or combining activities for ‘super sets’, if you’re a total badass. There are five activities for you to conquer – push ups, dips, pull-ups, sit-ups and squats.’ 

What do you use to keep track of your fitness? Are you a user of Endomondo or Sports Tracker? Think the three above can compete? Let us know in the comments, or drop us a tweet.