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Nokia Accessories

Good news. From today, our colleagues on Nokia’s accessories team will also be contributing to the Conversations by Nokia blog.

Just as we were joined earlier this year by the team from HERE (aka. the old Nokia Maps blog), and then by the Nokia Connects folk, the Gear Gang will bring a new mix of articles and authors to the site.

For readers, once again, the benefits are more – and more varied – content for you to read right here on Conversations, and one less site to visit for all the Nokia news. It’s a win-win.

We should see the benefit site-wide, too, as our accessorised colleagues join in the discussion and are able to offer their insight in other posts that touch upon the world of those added extras that make your Nokia phone complete.

If you want to get straight to news about Nokia accessories, or see the existing stories on this theme, then point your browser towards