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 Following the excitement generated by the release of the Nokia Lumia 820, we scoured the web – actually, just YouTube – to find out how you rated the device, with particular emphasis on the credentials of the camera and video.

Starting with Short World’s test, the Nokia Lumia 820’s video capabilities are shown to be impressive with bright and clear pictures – pointing positively to the lack of colour grading.

 Note: For best quality, watch these videos in HD (or full screen)

Alternatively, Stereopoly tested the excellence of the video on the road, while whizzing through the streets in a car, and found the camera to still maintain its rich imagery and focus.  Even close-ups of objects with complex colour composition, such as flowers, seem to come to life. neatly illustrate how the Nokia Lumia 820 has adapted to allow users to play games effectively whilst wearing gloves. Once upon a time such a feat was not possible but the Lumia 820’s touchscreen control and sensitivity allows you to enjoy your favourite games while braving the cold.  

As well as the benefits discussed above, there are plenty of other cool features that the Nokia Lumia 820 offers. Why not share your videos and comments, and show us what great benefits you’ve discovered?