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Part of the appeal in playing video games is being able to inhabit different characters and immerse yourself in rich fantasy worlds.

On your Nokia Asha it’s ever so easy to become a soldier fighting deep within enemy lines, a driver on the run from the law or a superhero battling the forces of evil. 

It’s difficult to resist a combination of gaming with your favourite comic book hero, right?

In that spirit here are some blockbuster games for you to explore – popping out of the cinema screens and straight to the screen on your Nokia Asha.

The Amazing Spider-Man (free Demo or £3)

The Amazing Spider-Man

We are all familiar with the story of how Peter Parker, an outcast at high school, gets himself bitten by a mutated spider and develops arachnid-like powers. 

Now, with this game you can step into Peter’s shoes (not to mention the costume) and attempt to master your powers. You will be fighting the Lizard and his gang of evil-doers who have taken over New York City.

The Amazing Spider-Man features 10 levels of gameplay for you to fight and jump your way through locations such as Central Park, the Port District and the Museum District. 

The Dark Knight Rises (free Demo or £3)

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the films of the year, so the game has a lot to live up to. The narrative follows that of the movie, pitting the caped crusader against his biggest foe yet, the mysterious Bain. 

This platform adventure will see you on the rooftops and alleyways of Gotham City where you have to jump and climb and use a range of weapons to beat up Bain’s cohorts.

As with many video games, part of the magic lies in the excellent sound effects, particularly in the fighting bits. Huh! Bam! Arghhh!

Ice Age Continental Drift (free Demo or £3)

Ice Age

A complete change of pace for our next game, Ice Age Continental Drift, and I must confess that I haven’t seen the film. However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the game.

The best recommendation I can give is that the gameplay reminded me of Sonic The Hedgehog. It’s very, very fast, there’s lots of spinning around and you are collecting objects (acorns, in my case) in your path, while also trying to avoid obstacles and bad guys.

If you are a fan of the films and are familiar with the cast of characters, then you’ll love this game. 

Wolverine Mutant Armageddon (free)


The X-Men movies never really did it for me, so I was intrigued to see what the game had in store.

If you’re a fan of the characters, then there’s plenty for you to get your teeth into as the game starts with quite a lot of backstory and scene setting. Alternatively, you can also skip straight to the game.

The controls are really easy to pick up (tap anywhere in the middle of the screen to attack, for example) and while it is a pretty straightforward beat-em-up, it manages to pull it off with just enough charm.

Men in Black 3 (Free demo or £3)

Men In Black 3

This faithful game adaption of the Men in Black movie franchise sees you fighting aliens in different locations and even in different times – from the present day to 1969.

If you are familiar with the films, then you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a whole host of gadgets and weapons to help you in your battles against the creatures from outer space.

If movie tie-ups are not your thing there is an excellent range of games available for the Nokia Asha devices from leading publishers such as EA, NAMCO BANDAI and Zynga.

Top image credit: Gideon Tsang