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Lumia 900 videos

We’ve had a couple of really nice Lumia 900 videos submitted for our Nokia Connects Go! competition this month, and who are we to keep them to ourselves?

The first is from Jacob Spera, who we showcased and interviewed a few weeks ago. He’s been hitting some tracks in the Colarado Desert with his trusty unicycle… yes, you heard right, unicycle!

Of course he was armed with a Lumia 900 too, and Jacob’s experience with the phone overall had it’s ups and downs. He told me that when the camera worked it worked really well, but other times he struggled to get the quality he needed. Whatever the challenges he faced were though, he overcame them to produce an awesome video. Remember to watch in HD!

The second video we have to show you is something a little different. Casual Arcane are a performance art duo from Maine in the States. They manipulate interesting objects, bringing them to life. I will be interviewing them later this week so you’ll be able to find out all about them then! For now, take a look at what they made for Nokia Connects Go! with a Lumia 900.

If you like either of the videos please leave comment, I’m sure the guys would appreciate it! If you want the chance to create an awesome video with a Nokia Lumia, drop me an email, leave a comment or reach out on Twitter.