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Unboxing Nokia Lumia 920

The title of this video from davomrmac (a.k.a. Geekanoids) says it all, so why change it? It’s a first look and unboxing of the Nokia Lumia 920 – and it gave him a ‘big, big grin’.

He covers the looks – ‘really rather striking’ (he got the yellow version) – and the box contents before moving on to the physical aspect of the phone. If you haven’t seen he phone before, it’s a well-paced but comprehensive look at the Lumia 920. He mentions in the video that he’s already tested the cameras (front- and rear-facing), so…here they are. Front first:

Then rear-facing (the one you’ll be using to shoot your 1080p videos):

He touches briefly on the screen and Windows Phone 8, but promises that review for another time (I suspect he has a lot to say about it, and I for one want to hear that), but what he does say its that it is

‘so fluid and nice and smooth’

Have you got any questions for Dave? Anything you want to add to his unboxing? Leave a comment here or on his video (if you liked what you saw, subscribe to his channel), or there’s always the Twitter route for letting us know anything.