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Nokia Lumia 822

The amazing Nokia Lumia 822 is now for sale at Verizon Wireless stores throughout the United States. As sales kick off, it’s always fun to see what the tech writers and reviewers have to say about the phone.

The Lumia 822 comes to Verizon Wireless’ amazing and ubiquitous 4G LTE network and brings a stunning curved design backed by Nokia’s fantastic exclusive apps including Nokia Drive and Nokia Music.

What did reviewers have to say about the Lumia 822, let’s search the Web and find out…

Slashgear is known as being a geeks’ geek site – with well-written reviews that are analytical and informative.  Regarding the Lumia 822, Slashgear said:

“This device works with a body that’s not going to blast past the top smartphone tier as far as outright beauty goes, nor is it about to keep your iPhone 5 friends at bay with a more high-class feel. What it is going to do is offer you Windows Phone 8 in just about as perfect a combination of hardware and software as you’re going to see on the market today.”

Laptopmag spoke about Datasense, a Verizon Wireless and Nokia exclusive application for Windows Phone 8 that lets you monitor and limit your data usage:

“Two apps that are unique to Verizon’s Windows Phone 8 devices (so far) are Data Sense and Wallet. Data Sense lets you set limits on your own data usage and automatically compresses data-heavy information (such as pictures) as you approach your limit. The utility will also allow you to see how much data individual apps are using; for instance, when we set a 30MB limit for the day, NFL Mobile accounted for 17MB of usage. In our experience, the app did an excellent job ensuring that critical information, such as text, remains legible even as images became increasingly grainy. With only 2MB of data left in our daily limit, we could still clearly read articles on”

PCMag focused on the Lumia 822’s awesome blend of exclusive applications and snappy performance in their review:

“As before, Nokia developed some exclusive apps for Windows Phone 8, and they’re not your garden-variety bloatware. Nokia Drive delivers solid, turn-by-turn, voice-enabled GPS navigation, while Nokia Transit offers public transportation info, and Nokia Maps is a general workhorse app for finding things while on the go. The Lumia 822’s 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is an excellent performer, and turns in fast benchmark results and contributes to a zippy feel in day-to-day usage.”

Myriam Joire, Senior Mobile Editor at Engadget, keyed in on the Lumia’s design and the unique grey color option for Verizon Wireless customers:

“Build quality is solid, which is pretty much what you’d expect from Nokia. The phone will be available in three colors: black, white and our favorite, a stunning shade of grey. “

Speaking about the exclusive Nokia City Lens app, Techradar focuses on how useful this application is and how well the Lumia 822 performed while using it:

“Nokia City Lens is a fun combination of Yelp-style recommendations and augmented reality app. After choosing from various categories for nearby destinations like food, hotels or sights, holding the phone in portrait mode gives you a list of adjacent businesses. Turning the phone to landscape mode uses the camera to provide an AR view, guiding you to nearby locations. The 822 was quite snappy transitioning between the two modes. Just don’t walk into any walls while using it.” 

Have you picked up a Lumia 822 at Verizon yet?  What do you like most about it?