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Lumia 820 review

As if you need any more motivation to ditch whatever phone you are using right now and switch to the Nokia Lumia 820, Abbi gives her reasons to choose the ‘smartphone chameleon’.

The review is liberally spread with phrases like ‘great functionality with some serious style’ so it’s a fair assumption to say she’s a fan of the phone. Focussing on the looks of the phone and the interchangeable coloured covers, Abbi phrases it neatly, saying you can

‘change the look of your mobile as often as you change your pants’

Lumia 820 from Nokia

Stuart Miles adds his own take on the Lumia 820 in what one commenter calls the ‘best review’ of the phone. Stuart thinks it ‘takes its own style and approach’, and that the Lumia 820 is ‘a phone you’ll enjoy using’. There’s much more (including a great gallery), covering everything from the camera to wireless charging, so head over and give it a read.

Once you’ve read both posts, let us know what you think of the Nokia Lumia 820 by sharing your thoughts in a comment below, or on Twitter.