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YSI Home Screen

 YSI Sharing

Let’s face it, email attachments suck. They might be great for sending a small file over quickly, but when you have multiple files to share or a large file you want to send someone’s way, email attachments show their weakness. 

[do action=”boxout”]Download YouSendIt

  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace


How many times have you sent an email with an attachment and crossed your fingers that the mail wouldn’t bounce back?

That’s where the new YouSendIt Windows Phone 8 app comes into play. This “cloud” service has been in the cloud since the term even existed, making file transfers a little less painless for everyone. For those who’ve never used the service, when someone uses YouSendIt to share a file with you, you simply get a hyperlink, and once you click it the download starts instantly. 

Tap to share

We’re happy that there’s now an extremely useful YouSendIt app for Nokia Lumia that makes file sharing easy and simple. The Lumia-exclusive NFC app feature even allows owners of NFC-enabled Lumias (running Windows Phone 8) to share files by simply tapping them together.

If you’re using YouSendIt in the more traditional sense (sending files to those over the Internet), the new app for Lumia will be useful in sending files, sharing folders and signing documents while you’re in a meeting, on a trip or anywhere. If there are updates to your YouSendIt files, they are instantly available across your computers and mobile devices. 

One thing I really like about using YouSendIt is not only an easy way to send files, but also a way to track the files to see when my colleagues, friends and clients have accessed them.

YSI signing

 YSI File list

For those who need to digitally sign documents, YouSendIt for Lumia will enable you to access these documents, sign using the phone’s touchscreen, and send the files back to the sender via YouSendIt. This is perfect for anyone who needs to authorize a document while on the go.

YouSendIt is a ‘freemium’ service, meaning that basic functionality is free and costs are only involved when you add more premium service. For starters, YouSendIt allows you to send files up to two gigabytes, add password protection and control who has access to what content in your YouSendIt folder. 

Grab the YouSendIt Windows Phone 8 app today in Windows Phone Store or the Nokia Collection!