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Ever feel like you live in your car? Well, if you’re from US, you wouldn’t be far wrong. According to a report by Commerzbank, the average American spends 541 hours, or more than three weeks a year driving. Europeans drive less, but still clock up an amazing 274 hours a year. What’s more, this figure is getting higher every year. However, thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth headsets, time in the car is no longer wasted; we can now chat and even work while on the road. Not all headsets, though, are created equal.

1. It keeps your eyes on the road.

Start your engines for the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-310, the ultimate in-car calling kit. This stylish device has been especially created to make communicating while driving as safe and convenient as possible. First off, thanks to Always Ready, a unique Nokia innovation, answering calls is easier than ever. Simply pick up the headset from the charging cradle to answer calls and replace it to end them. There’s no need to even touch your phone, so your eyes need never leave the road.

2. It keeps your conversation clear

The last thing you want to do while chatting in the car is to shout to be heard. The Nokia BH-310 has not one, but two integrated microphones to ensure your voice is easily picked up. It also features DSP (digital signal processing) technology, which reduces annoying background noise, and an automatic sound adjustment feature that compensates for changes in volume. Combined, these innovations mean you can be sure the person you’re talking to can hear you no matter how loud the traffic.

3. It’s designed for maximum comfort

In the same way the interior of a car is designed for maximum comfort, the Nokia BH-310 has been designed for maximum comfort in your ear. Its stylish ergonomic design is complemented by a choice of three different earpiece sizes. What’s more, when you leave your car, the in-box belt clip lets you take the headset with you to use wherever you are.

4. It puts convenience in the driving seat

Driving can be a fiddly business, so you don’t want to complicate it even more by having a fiddly headset. Fortunately, besides being Bluetooth enabled, the Nokia BH-310 has NFC, meaning that you just tap the headset and you’re connected. No NFC phone, no worries. The headset’s voice guidance helps you pair it with your phone and indicate battery and connection status. And if you’re someone who has a personal and a work phone, you’ll be happy to hear the multi-point function allows you to connect to two phones at once.

5. It takes battery power up a gear

Part of the genius of the Nokia BH-310 is that its cradle is also a complete car charging kit. What this means in practice is that while sitting idle, it’s constantly powering up. Consequently, the headset has an extended talk time of 5 hours and an amazing standby time of 2160 hours! Enough to ensure you’ll never be caught short.

If you want to talk longer and drive safer, then the Nokia BH-310 is your perfect car companion. Why not take it for a test drive and see for yourself how it’s miles ahead of the competition.