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I would like to think that there is an artist within each and every one of us. I think this particularly when I am wandering around a gallery looking at examples of modern art!

How often have you thought, ‘I can do better than that?’ Well, now you can. 

There is nothing more modern than creating art on your mobile phone. The touch screen is a natural canvas for you to show off your talents and to experiment to your heart’s content.

Think of all the advantages of using your phone to make art… Don’t like what you’ve done? Start again with zero waste! Why wait for a gallery to show off your work when you can just email a jpeg it to your friends or post to social networks?

There’s no need to buy lots of expensive equipment and you can use different effects with a tap of the screen. 

Feeling inspired? Here are some apps in the Nokia Store that I have been using on my Nokia Asha 311 to create, ahem, art. 

Paint (free)

As an artist you’ll no doubt appreciate the freedom that this app provides. Pick a colour and swipe your finger across the screen to start painting.

There is a practically limitless palette of colours for you to choose from, you can choose the thickness of the brush and, of course, you can easily erase any bits you don’t like.

You can save your favourite pieces, although sadly there are no sharing options. All in all though, this is a really easy and fun app to use, and a great place to start.

Spray Painter (£1)

The emergence of street artists such as Banksy has somehow transformed graffiti from being seen as a social menace to a highly lucrative career option for hooded youths who can handle a spray can. 

There is no doubting that graffiti has its own unique look and this app does a good job of replicating that urban sensibility.

There are eight colours for you to choose from, three brush sizes and, most realistically of all, different background patterns as well. Is that a nice plain wall, I see?

Pro Sketcher (free)

Pro Sketcher

This is, strictly speaking, not a pure drawing app but those of us who are artistically challenged will appreciate its charms very much.

The app takes one of your existing photos and applies natural sketching effects to them, so it’ll look like you drew it yourself. Vincent van Gogh, eat your heart out! (Or should that be cut your ear off?)

There are some pretty effects to choose from such as pencil sketch, colour sketch or a charcoal effect. When you’re finished, you can set it as your Asha’s wallpaper to show off to the world. 

One Touch (free)

This is a drawing app neatly disguised in a strategy game that works on your knowledge of geometry and appreciation of perspective – two qualities that every artist needs.

The aim is to trace the shape and drawings shown on the screen without lifting up your finger or going back over the same lines. Sounds simple? Give it a go!

One Touch is a nice way of making you think about how different shapes fit together and to get your finger swiping across the screen in long fluid strokes.

Pin The Best Art (free)

Pin The Best Art

Finally, this is not, strictly speaking, a drawing app but it has been included to help inspire and be something of a muse to fire up your talents.

It is a continuously updated list of the best art, photography and design that has been pinned to the popular imaging ‘noticeboard’ Pinterest.

Take a look and try creating some great art of your own on the Nokia Asha. Let us know how you get on in the comments below.