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On the 28th November Nokia joined forces with electronic DJ deadmau5 at a secret London location for the ‘This is Lumia’ #Switch light and music spectacular to celebrate the release of the Lumia 920 and 820.  

The exclusive street-based party took place one year on from the biggest light show that London has ever seen (when we projected 4D visuals onto the Millbank Tower – again with deadmau5 in tow). 

Before I describe to you what happened on the night, I think you should watch the video below (word of advice: change the quality to 1080p). 


Talk about a 360 degree attack on your senses! 

What happened?

Nokia Connects turned up at the Nokia UK event knowing very little about what exactly was going on. The whole show was shrouded in secrecy, we knew deadmau5, lights, lasers and music were all in the mix, but that was it.

It was dry (which makes a change for the UK), the air was crisp, the street was packed with Nokia/deadmau5 fans and a full moon illuminated the sky behind the Shard. 


It was like being on a film set for a big budget movie; local convenience stores had been taken over for the night by Nokia (spot the bemused neighbour below), 40 policemen and 40 security guards were present and there was a very eerie and mysterious vibe in the air as everyone waited in anticipation.

Then, from nowhere, the iconic deadmau5 helmet appeared from the rooftops and the party kicked off with a bang!

Windows, walls, lamp posts, bins (yes, actual wheelie bins), shops and even old graffiti started to come alive with light, pulsing in time with deadmau5’s tracks . Lasers and speakers engulfed the roofs around us, huge disco balls were driven around the site on trucks and giant NOKIA LUMIA signs were wheeled past.   

Just when we thought the set was over; deadmau5 ran down from the building, cycled past the crowd on an LED BMX and continued playing on a raised moving platform, without his famous mask on!  

After closing the show he headed off to the Electric Brixton for the Nokia after party.

Click below to see the full 30 minute version of the show from Claus Strasburger:


All the lovely people who came with us had a an awesome time! Here are some of those ‘lovely people’:

Jenny Hayden

Martyn Newton

Jon Choo

Mac Morrison (and Riaz Ahmed who happened to be standing just behind Mac!) 

Also, we wanted to say a massive hello to Tim Harper, Dan Muslow and Chris Zoryk who were great fun on the night.

If you would like to know more about the mau5 then please head to the deadmau5 homepage (the guy is a legend). Or if you would like to make the #Switch to Lumia then head here. As per usual, we’ve got lots to tell you about the new Lumia range. 

Image credit(s);  Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Nokia