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The fabulous Nokia Lumia 820 has received a lot of attention from gadget and tech enthusiasts across the globe, and here are the best reviews over the past week. Sit back and enjoy!

Highlighting the ‘crisp’ video-capturing facilities and the ‘super responsive’ phone software such as Nokia Maps, reviewer Funnynoteable also found the loudspeaker to be pretty useful ‘once you get the music going’.

Alastair Stevenson’s indepth V3 critique of the device pointed to the Lumia 820’s solid build which feels very ‘comfortable’ in your hands, as well as producing ‘vibrant’ images from the 8 mega-pixel camera. 

Nokia Lumia 820

As I know you all love a bit of nostalgia, here is one of the first reviews of the excellent Lumia 820, from CNET at the phone’s New York launch last month. Notably, Brian Bennett takes us through the devices ‘funky’ look and the NFC wireless capabilities.

That’s the round up. Has that inspired you to get your hands on a Lumia 820? Share your thoughts here (or on Twitter).