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World of RedBull

As the temperatures drop across the Northern Hemisphere (readers south of the Equator should bookmark this post and come back in June) thoughts turn to winter sports and activities that make the toes tingle. So we need to know what to do, and where’s best to do it.

Nokia Lumia app - World of Red Bull

World of RedBull

Cost: Free in the Nokia Collection on your Lumia
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Explore the world of RedBull near you and around the world

The World of RedBull is a crazy one, we all know that – from jumping out of a balloon in space to throwing yourself off a pier to hurtling down a course made from ice – and now you can keep a track of it all in one place. Bringing you nearby events based on your location, profiles of all the RedBull athletes, videos, insights and much more as far as winter sports goes, this one’s got you covered (also, handily, the World of RedBull doesn’t stop when the sun comes out, so it’s a year-round awesome app to have).

Yes! Make me want to wrap up warm and go throw myself down a mountain! In a good way.

Snowfinder app on Nokia Lumia


Cost: Free in the Marketplace
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Search out that snow!

The guys at Appsolutely Fabulous reckon this app is the

‘leading supplier of snow and weather conditions’ [translated]

and features excellent information about the Austrian, Swiss, Italian, French and German ski resorts (other areas of the world are covered, of course – it gave me live info for Whistler Mountain extremely quickly). Pick your favourite resorts and find where the best snow is. Perfect for the ski bunnies out there.

North Face Snow Report for Nokia Lumia

Snow Report

Cost: Free in the Marketplace
Availability: Everywhere
In a nutshell: Find the best powder. For skiing, snowboarding and cross country..skiing.

Izzi took a look at the app, and from the video below, it seems to be a little more comprehensive in its coverage than Snowfinder:

I’ll let you be the judge: download both apps and let me know which you prefer. Let’s call it the Nokia Snow App Challenge. Leave me a comment with your favourite and why you chose it.

Even if you don’t ski, snowboard or even like the snow, the World of RedBull at the very least is worth checking out (they do car racing too) – you can watch what others get up to in thedeep white powder or the flat, hard unforgiving ice. Can you tell I’m not very winter sporty? Let me know what you think below or on Twitter, or if you’ve found another winter sports app I should try.