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Find your apps

The Windows Phone Store now has over 120,000 apps ranging from photo apps to those that help you stay in touch with friends across the globe. Simply put, there are apps for all uses and all Lumia owners.

In fact, of the top 50 apps available for iPhone and Android, 46 of them are available for your Nokia Lumia.

If you’re considering a switch to Nokia Lumia (or just bought one), you might be wondering what apps are available that match up with your old phone. Well, App #Switch is here to show you the way.

The site, created by Xyo, is available now and serves a simple purpose: it allows Android and iPhone owners to select their current phone and current country and type in their favorite app. Then, the site gives suggestions on replacement apps for the source application, complete with QR Codes for easy install on your new Nokia Lumia.

Find your app - Pandora

The site is currently available for prior owners of Android and iPhone and is localized to 15 countries.  Give the site a whirl and spread the word to others who are planning to #Switch to Lumia and upgrading their smartphone experience.

What is your new favorite Lumia app?