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Are your school days really the best times of your life? If you’re still at school right now then you probably think I’m crazy for even suggesting such a thing!

Isn’t school about being with your mates, laughing at adults and not having a care in the world? OK, there’s also homework and exams to contend with but that’s good for you in the long run anyway. 

Besides with wonderful phones, like the Nokia Asha 311, they can make learning and doing your schoolwork a lot more fun than it was in my days.

Of course, the best thing you can learn at school is that you must never stop learning. It’s cheesy, but true. So even if you left school a long, long time ago, here are some Education apps in the Nokia Store that are well worth having on your Nokia Asha.

Dictionary & Translator Pro (free)

One of the first and most crucial tools that any student needs is a good dictionary.

This is not just a dictionary but it can also a translate words into several different languages such as Hindi, Arabic, French, German and Spanish. 

This is an online web app, which is both good and bad news. It means that it will be always updated, but of course you will have to be on WiFi or incur data charges.

For a good offline option try English Dictionary Free. It has no translator feature but it does have a thesaurus. 

Elements (free)

This is a simple but effective app that shows the periodic table of chemical elements. Click on any of the elements to reveal further information about it. 

Staying in science class, there is also Chem Calc (free) to help you with your chemistry calculations, such as working out gas molar concept, volumetric analysis and gas laws.

I don’t know what any of those things are, so I am bound to be rubbish at General Science Quiz (£4.), which claims to have over 1000 questions to test you.

Wiki Encyclopedia (free)

For general knowledge it is difficult to beat Wikipedia and this app is the perfect way of looking up entries on your Asha.

As you would expect it is very simple to use: You just type your subject in the search box and click on the link that is most irrelevant or that you are most interested in.

One area of general knowledge in which it is always useful to be clued up on is the ability to identify different national flags. Thanks goodness then for World Flags (free).

Scientific Calculator (£3)

Your Nokia Asha comes with a calculator pre-installed but to work out more complex equations then you may find that it’s worth investing in a scientific calculator. 

I actually did pretty well in my maths exams (honestly!) but just seeing those buttons SIN, COS and TAN brings a shudder down my spine!

Something that I do know how to use though is a ruler. Measure objects to your heart’s content with Pocket Ruler (free).

Pocket Classroom (free) 

Pocket Classroom is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when I mentioned at the top of this article how new technology can make education much more fun and accessible. 

You pick your subject, and even a specific strand of your subject, say quadratic equations in maths, and then you follow a link, which opens up a video that gives you a practical lesson.

Pocket Classroom claims to have over 2,600 videos on a variety of common school subjects and, they’re all free. You can even download the videos to your phone for offline viewing. We didn’t have this sort of thing in my day.

Do you use your Nokia Asha at school? Let us know in the comments below.

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