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You’re probably already aware we’re on Twitter – @Nokia, you might even follow us already, in which case, thanks! But we’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to make our twitter account more valuable to our users… And this is what we’ve come up with: Tweetsender.

The idea is quite simple: If you’re a Nokia phone user who follows us on Twitter you probably want to find out about the latest updates, apps etc. for your Nokia phone, but tweets are fleeting and if we only tweet once or twice about a software update then you’ll probably miss it… So we decided to create an app that allows you to sign up for DMs from our @Nokia Twitter account when a cool new app or new software update comes out for your phone.


So you want in? Well signing up is easy, if you don’t already follow Nokia you need to do that first, and when you do you’ll get a DM. Reply to that and follow the simple instructions and all done!

If you already follow Nokia you can sign up on the form here and if you change phones or want to unsubscribe you can manage your account here.

We’re pretty excited about this tool. We think we are the first mobile manufacturer to offer a service like this and we really hope it helps you folk, our followers, to get more out of following us on Twitter.

The tool is new, so any problems, feedback or comments – we’re listening, so sound off in the comments.