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Nokia Lumia 920

Having already given us his thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 920, the founder of the PureViewClub, Marc Wielaert, now shares some of the photos that he has taken with Nokia’s flagship smartphone.

As well as sharing these great photos with us, Marc also gives a quick insight into each image. 


Marc says: “A close-up of a flower in a living room. The light isn’t great but it isn’t too dark either. You can take a shot like this without using the flash and it will look quite natural.”

Lizzy by Daylight

Marc says: “An outside shot on a clouded day. Lizzy is not mine, but she is one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever known.  When the weather is good, Lizzy usually is waiting in the street for someone to be friendly to.”

Western Boot

Marc says: “An indoor, very close up shot of a snakeskin boot. It’s surprisingly detailed and shows the Bokeh-effect that I would expect from the Nokia 808 PureView.”


Marc says: “This was shot in great weather, offering the amazing colours from the glass panels of a Museum in Hilversum. Notice the details in the shaded foreground though. The lighting is surprisingly good.” 

Amsterdam harbour 

Marc says: “This final shot is from the science center, Nemo, in the dark Amsterdam harbour. The design by the Italian architect Renzo Piano looks like a ship, but in fact mirrors the tunnel it is built upon. I had to put the exposure value on -2 to achieve this result because of the bright spots on the building” 

See more photos on the PureViewClub’s Flickr account.