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As the title suggests, it’s been another impressive week of content produced by the Nokia community.

Driving across New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge, Johnny W. Lam took some stunning photographs of one of the United States’ oldest suspension bridges using a Lumia 920 camera.

Posted on his Twitter page, he also shows the outstanding picture clarity and light adjustment facilities in this picture of the historic Central Park, once again in the Big Apple City-in-the-North-Eastern-United-States.

This colourful and magnificently detailed image captured by Billy’s Lumia 920 is simply impeccable. The depth of paint colour and textile come to light brilliantly – you’d almost want to put your face in it.


Wasim from the T3CH Boys welcomes the Lumia 920′s ‘really good’ feel in your hands, the ‘nice’ ability to customise the tile sizes and approves the ‘smooth’ running Internet Explorer 10 service. 

Impressed? I thought so. Have you taken a better image with your Nokia Lumia 920? Do you have a hands-on review of your own? Feel free to share your thoughts either here (or on Twitter).

[Image credit(s); Johnny W. Lam, Crystal Phuong & Billy]