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Playing cricket

If you’re a sports fan then having a mobile phone is just as crucial as having a tennis racquet, some football boots or a cricket bat.

How else are you going to get live scores, fixture lists and the latest news?

My Nokia Asha 311 smartphone is the ideal device for these purposes and there are plenty of apps in the Nokia Store to satisfy the needs of any sports fan.

On your marks, get set, ready? Go!

ESPN FC (free)

This is the app formerly known as ESPNSoccernet, but if you were a fan of it previously then you can be rest assured that the name is all that’s changed.

This app still offers live football scores, fixtures, match stats and tables of all the major leagues around the world. In other words, this has all the vital information that a football fan will need. 

Sticking with football, there are a couple of other apps that you may want to try out. Live Scores (free) does what its name suggests and Goal News Launcher (free) brings all the stories from to your Asha device.

Cricket Companion 4.0 (free)

The sedate and charming world of cricket… The glorious sound of leather on willow! I love the tradition of clapping the batsman out as they walk to the wicket.

Cricket fans are well catered for in the Nokia Store. Cricket Companion 4.0 provides ball-by-ball coverage of matches, news, results and those all-important statistics.

There’s also Cricket Calling (free), which provides many of the same features and for something a little different I really liked Cricket Wicket (free), which provides the sound of tumbling wickets and the crowd cheering in the background. It’s a tremendous ringtone option.

mScorecard (free)

Keen golfers will really appreciate this mScorecard app. It helps you keep track of your score while you are playing and even uses GPS to help you track your distance to the green?

Armchair fans of the sport may be interested in Golf App (free) which connects to feeds of the latest golf news and also has tips on how you can improve your game – should you ever feel inclined to have a ‘good walk spoiled’.

There also has be a honourable mention for Nokia Golf Tour 3D (free) an engrossing golf simulator where you can play alone (against the conditions, of course) or against an opponent. Lots of fun and great graphics too.

F1 Confidential (free)

Fans of Formula 1 have a great choice of apps in the Nokia Store – and that’s not even including all the racing games.

F1 Confidential promises to offer insider gossip, news and pictures from the pit lanes. If you’re seeking something a bit more conventional then ESPNF1 (free) is probably a better bet.

This has commentary and summaries or faces, latest standings, driver profiles and everything else you could hope for. Along similar lines is F1 Live! Lite (free).

World of Red Bull (free) is not solely devoted to F1, as it also features many of the energy drinks’ other daredevil sports, but you may want to give it a spin nevertheless.

Sports Miscellany

We know it’s impossible to cover every single sport and with any list there’s always a risk that your particular favourite may get left out! But, with a sharp intake of breath, here are some other notable apps for lovers of the following sports:

Rugby devotees may want to download Rugby App (free) for all the latest news in the world of the oval-shaped game.

Talking of oval shapes, gridiron fans, or American Football, if you insist, can stay up-to-date with NFL Scores (free).

If you prefer your motor racing to be done on two wheels rather than four, then you should check out MotoGP Superbikes (free) or World Superbikes (free).

Is wrestling a real sport? I would suggest not, but either way there’s aWWE (free) and WWE News for you to choose from.

And, finally, the prize for the most esoteric and exclusive sports app in the Nokia Store has to go to Polo Club (free). For all the latest news from the world of polo!

Top image credit: foxypar4