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Those pesky (but lovable) kids at UK Mobile Review produced a marvellous selection of brilliant features on the Nokia Lumia 920 last week, and here we wrap up (in a festive-manner) the best bits.

Beautiful photographs taken from the Lumia 920 camera were captured in the Dubai night’s sky, from the 32nd floor of a building in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Reviewer Nirave could not believe ‘how good the Lumia 920 is at night’, stating the images wouldn’t look out of place in a ‘travel magazine.’ High praise indeed!

A perfect example of the mobile device’s impressive low-light capturing facilities, this photo set on a footbridge is detailed enough to actually show the different lights inside each of the different windows of distant buildings.

A day later, Nirave posted fantastic images of the London skyline as he cruised in a boat along the capital’s River Thames.   

Given the quality of the photos, it is unsurprising that the Lumia 920’s 8.7 megapixel camera is deemed ‘the outstanding feature’ in the UK Mobile Review’s analysis. Additionally, the mobile device’s size ‘feels more like a smartphone should do’ making the Lumia 920 ‘nicer to hold and use.’

Even Finland’s politicians feel out of place without the Lumia 920, as shown by pictures of the country’s ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs and present Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Trade showing off the bright yellow version.

That ladies and gentlemen is the round-up of UK Mobile Review’s recent coverage of the Nokia Lumia 920. Share your thoughts with us on here or on our Twitter.