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Standard Shells


Today, we can reveal the results of last week’s informal poll asking for your favourite Nokia Lumia 820 shell – both the type of the shell and the colour of it.

The first question we asked was about the functionality of the shell. The three choices were the standard shell, the rugged one for extra protection and the shell that enables your Lumia 820 to be charged up wirelessly.

Here’s how you voted:

  • Wireless Charging Shell: 46.1%
  • Rugged Shell: 43.26%
  • Standard Shell: 10.64%

I must say that I am fairly surprised that it was so close between the wireless charging shell and the rugged shell. My money was on the wireless charging shell winning fairly comfortably.

Indeed, in many individual countries the rugged shell was more popular than its wireless counterpart.

Finland and the USA both voted for the rugged shell over the wireless one by exactly the same proportions: 53% to 43%. In almost all the countries it was a fairly even split and the wireless charging shell just squeaked through.

Maybe Nokia owners are far more sporty than I gave you credit for!


After functionality, we then asked you about the colours and this is what you told us:

Click on the chart to see a larger version
  • Yellow with black trim: 15.89%
  • Cyan: 14.73%
  • Yellow: 13.57%
  • Red: 12.02%
  • Black: 10.85%
  • Orange with black trim: 10.85%
  • Green with black trim: 7.36%
  • White: 5.04%
  • Purple: 5.04%
  • Grey: 4.65%

Again, I must say that the results are not what I expected. Clearly, yellow is a popular colour, but who knew that the black trim options would have got so many votes between them?

I thought red would have done a little better as, like yellow, it is a new colour in the Lumia range. White did much worse than I expected.

However, it’s nice to see that cyan remains such a favourite among Nokia fans.

Thanks for everyone that voted and do let us know what you think about the results in the comments below.