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Lumia 920

I was wondering what a lot of opinions and thoughts about the Nokia Lumia 920 would look like (reading individual blog posts can only give you so much of an impression) so I had a look at the Twitter messages we are being sent about it – here’s what I found.

Dan Gates is enjoying the phone, replacing his iPhone for a little while (he may well #switchtolumia – watch this space)

For a more detailed look at what was impressing people, I found this from Billy

He ‘can’t find a thing‘ he doesn’t like. Think about that for a moment. It’s backed up by Jason, who let us know that he was a fan, especially of the camera.

Again – ‘makes me wonder how I lived with my iPhone 4S for over a year!’ I think he’s definitely in the #switchtolumia camp. Someone else who may be joining him is Leebbuk, who is coming from a different ecosystem, but who told us this:

‘This Lumia 920 is the boss!!’ Two exclamation marks, can’t get a more glowing endorsement than that!! From one who may make the switch to someone who has already pledged to do so. I give you Byron:

His reasoning? ‘I just prefer the weight and I have multiple screen scratches on the 8x from just being in my pocket!’ That’s as firm a recommendation as I’ve seen. Well done Byron, welcome to the family!

Have you had the Nokia Lumia 920 in your hands? Would you like to try one for a couple of weeks? Then head over to our Trial a Nokia page, fill out the form and one could be winging its way to you soon! Any comments or questions you have about the phone, drop a comment below, or say hi on Twitter and we’ll get back to you.

[Image credit: CNET]