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As Christmas approaches, there has (unsurprisingly) been even more great moments captured by using the Nokia Lumia 920. 

Aptly shown by the frosty photograph above, the Lumia 920’s 8.7 megapixel camera picks out a spider web covered in snow in brilliant clarity. Drupad deserves a pad on the back for this excellent nature shot.  The detail of the web’s snow-tinted silk exterior reflects the camera’s stunning focus. It has to be said though, poor spider.  

Photography magazine ephotozine took the Lumia 920 for a spin and was full of praise for the device’s ‘nice’ dedicated buttons for shutter, lock, volume and ‘quick and responsive’ operating system. As expected, they examined the rigour of the Lumia 920’s picture-taking quality, noting the ‘very quick’ focus and shutter response.

Shu Takaishi‘s video featuring two snowboarders swooping down a piste from a snowy hill top is absolutely superb – for two reasons. One, snowboarding is very cool. Two, the video is shot with solely a Lumia 920 and shows the phone’s ability to pick up even the smallest of details. The texture and depth of the snow, the vibrancy and boldness of blue sky and the vivad shots of the snow-covered mountainous background. A sight to behold. 

…awesome boarding. To hear how the Lumia 920 fares with extreme audio, check this out from Pontus Österlindh. It is striking how the music maintains its sharpness as the volume levels increase. By the way, the song was Internet Friends by Knife Party for those of you wondering.

Finally, we wrap up with an enjoyable review by Bit Rebels of the ‘simply stunning’ Lumia 920. ‘Oozing build quality’ and an  ‘impressive’ Optical Image Stabilization with floating lens technology, the review proclaims the device to be ‘the next generation of smartphone’ providing an holistic user experience. 

That’s it people – round up’s complete! What do you think of these images, reviews and videos? Have you got even better content you’d like to share? Anything to ask any of the guys featured here? Pop over to their sites and ask, or let us know here (or on Twitter) and we’ll pass them along.