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You only have to look at the Nokia Lumia and Asha ranges of devices to see evidence of Nokia fine tradition in stunning industrial design. It’s no surprise then that over the years Nokia’s cool kit has scooped a ton of design awards. One of the most prestigious is that given by the International Forum Design, based in Hanover, Germany.

For sixty years this organization has assembled a jury of renowned designers from across the globe. These experts look at thousands of products, every year, to decide which deserve to be recognized for outstanding achievements in design. Nokia has often gained success, but this year it has won a staggering seven awards.

Here’s a quick look at the products the judges gave a very big thumbs up.

The Nokia Lumia 800

It may have been launched nearly a year ago, but the judges still thought it represented a great example of smartphone design. With its sleek form and curved 3.7″ AMOLED screen we have to agree.

The Nokia Lumia 920

The world’s most innovative phone really needs no introduction. This is one award of many that the Lumia 920 has picked up this year, the consensus clearly being the Lumia 920 is a top contender for the smartphone of 2013.

The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

Thanks to the tech wizards at Nokia Gear, Wireless charging has been launched with a bang this year and one of the most stylish examples of that is the DT 900. The perfect companion to your Lumia 920, it clearly impressed the judges too.


The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

Not to be outdone by its more laid back sibling, the DT 910 also picked up an iF award. Thanks to innovative tech, the DT-910 gives you both hassle free power, and uses NFC to open a selected app. Obviously a combo that appealed to the judges as much as it does us.

The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-118

Bluetooth headsets may have been around for a while, but they’ve changed beyond recognition since the early days. The Nokia BH-118 combines crystal clear sound with a subtle, yet colourful style. If you’re looking for handsfree chat this could be your lucky day.

The JBL PlayUp for Nokia

Stylish, practical go-anywhere design and crystal clear sound combined with NFC and Bluetooth for an amazing wireless music experience. Yes, we’re talking about the JBL PlayUp. We’re not surprised it rocked the judges’ world.

The JBL PowerUP for Nokia

Last, but by no means least, yet another awesome Nokia accessory. Combining charging and tunes, the JBL PowerUP doesn’t just look great and sound great, it’s a great way to energize your phone, too. All in all, the perfect musical package.

These magnificent seven products certainly dazzled the judges at iF, but is that enough to declare this year the greatest for Nokia design ever? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.