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Keeping fit at this time of year is a challenge, thanks to the Christmas and New Year festivities on the horizon. Fortunately, with the Nike+ Kinect Training app loaded onto your Nokia Lumia you’ll be able to keep track of your workout progress from Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360, reminding you to stay fit and active.

For all of this to work, of course, you’ll need Kinect. If you’ve not got one already, put it on your Christmas wish list.

At first, Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360 will ask you to choose your own personal trainer who will try to encourage you on your journey. You’ll then need to select a goal. Do you want to lose weight, gain lots of muscle, or stay lean – you decide.

You’ll then be put through a training programme – tracked using Kinect – to measure your current fitness levels to establish your future fitness plan; the result will be your very own Fuel Print.

Fuel Print displays your fitness and athleticism levels and gives them a score. This figure is then compared to where people of the same gender and age should be. If you’re lower than that average you know you’ve got more work to do.

After that, you’ll probably need some rest and you can plan ahead to when your next training session will be. Until then, load up the Nike+ Kinect Training app on your Nokia Lumia.

The welcome screen of this companion app has many sections. Previous session shows you all the details of your workout, along with your Fuel Print. These session details show every part of your regime from how many reps you did at each drill, duration of the workout and a star system that shows you at a quick glance what you need to work harder on.

If you’ve got friends who also use Nike+ Kinect Training, you may want to share your workout with them. You can do this by tapping the share icon at the bottom to push an update to Windows Live, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter – like this:

Working out can often feel like a bit of a grind, so it’s good to grab a training partner if you can. The Friends tile makes it easy to find your friends who already use Nike+ by asking you to select Xbox, Facebook, Phone book or Search all Nike+. All you need to do then is select the people you want to connect with to be able to compare training sessions.

The Fuel Print tile lets you track your progress and explore your fitness and athleticism scores in one simple place. The higher the blue or orange bars rise, the better you’re doing. If they start to drop, you know you’re slacking.

To share your progress with others you can share your Fuel Print via Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Your companion app not only enables you to keep an eye on your (and your friends) workouts, but it sends you challenge reminders, too. When you created your training programme on the Xbox, you would’ve chosen days you were planning to continue the workout. Nike+ Kinect Training alerts you when it’s time for your next session so you never find yourself ‘forgetting’ to train.

When that happens, jump off the couch, change into your training gear and prepare for another strenuous workout.

Nike+ Kinect Training is available for free on Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820.

Do you use Nike+ Kinect Training on your Xbox, and the Nike+ Kinect Training companion app? Use the comments box below to tell us how you’re getting on with it.