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We recently conducted a Twinterview with Dean Anthony Gratton (aka @Grattonboy) about his experiences with the Lumia 920. Dean is listed as one of the ‘Top Marketing Book Authors on Twitter’ in Social Media Marketing Magazine and has even been featured in the 50 “Top Dogs” on Twitter.

After the interview he kindly went on to review the phone over at Bit Rebels. He even managed to #Switch his partner in crime over to the Lumia 920 during the trial!

Here are some of the highlights of his review and Twinterview:


He then backed up these initial thoughts in his review.

“It’s a refinement unlike any other device (please discard your Apple iPhones) because Nokia, with the new Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS, has provided a holistic user experience that Apple can only envy. The smartphone has grown-up, and this device represents the next generation of smartphone technology”.

It became clear to us that there wasn’t just one Gratton in this trial process. Both @Grattonboy and @Grattongirl were at logger heads sharing the Lumia love!


There was even some actual wrestling for the phone!

“Both Sarah (@grattongirl) and I wrestled (on occasions, affectionately) with each other taking it in turns to experience the Nokia Lumia 920. Sarah downloaded anything and everything to compare the experience against her Apple iPhone 4S.”

Overall, Dean was impressed with the phone. So impressed, in fact, that he didn’t want to send it back!

“The only thing that makes us remorseful about the Lumia is the fact that, as reviewers, we have to return it; a sad reality that’s made us consider going into temporary hiding to avoid the DHL courier – honestly, he’s going to have to pry it from our desperate fingers!”

Thanks Dean and Sarah. Make sure you check out Dean’s full review over at Bit Rebels.