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Today, we introduce new social sharing functionality to Cinemagraph, one of the coolest imaging features on our Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones.

As we’ve explained previously, Cinemagraph allows you to create partially moving pictures by combining animations and still images. You can create magical Cinemagraph pictures easily by marking out the animated area with your finger, which can yield dramatic results.


[click through for the animated version]

As part of our commitment to continue to improve and refine our apps and products, we’re now introducing an update which allows you to more easily share the Cinemagraphs you’ve created with your friends.

In the updated Cinemagraph, you’ll find a new ‘Share’ menu option within the app which allows you to select between Facebook and Twitter, email or messaging. In the case of Facebook, you can also choose how publicly you want to share your image.


The app uploads your Cinemagraph pictures to our servers and sends a link to the site or people you’ve chosen. The Cinemagraphs aren’t  uploaded directly to social networks, because they don’t support the animated format used for the files.


So how do you get this new update? If you already have Cinemagraph installed, look out for an update notice in the Windows Phone Store. If you haven’t, then you can get it from the Store by following this link with your Lumia.

Once you have the update, let us know how you get on in the comments.