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Nokia lumia 820

Tis the season to be jolly and if there’s one sure fire way to be just that it’s to give yourself, and your Nokia Lumia 820, a treat. Trouble is with so many gifts to buy and so little time to do it, you may not have the hours to do the research. Happily, we have. Nokia Gear might be more packed than a stocking on Christmas morning with goodies, but we’ve managed to narrow down five awesome accessories that top our wish list.

The JBL PlayUp for Nokia

Stylish, practical go-anywhere design and crystal clear sound combined with NFC and Bluetooth for an amazing wireless music experience. Yes, we’re talking about the JBL PlayUp. Not only does it look amazing, but more importantly it sounds amazing as well.  


Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset

Let’s be honest. In the past, wireless headsets were often frowned upon as being a bit too Terminator like. Happily those days are long past. Don’t believe us? Check out the Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset. Its futuristic design is complemented by Nokia’s amazing Always Ready technology. Just take it out of its cradle and the headset takes care of the rest: powering up, connecting and call answering. Now that’s what we call simple.

Nokia Luna

The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

Thanks to the tech wizards at Nokia Gear, Wireless charging has been launched with a bang this year and one of the most simple yet stylish examples of that is the DT 900. Combined with the Nokia Lumia 820’s charging cover, it’s the perfect way to join the wireless charging revolution.  


Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster

We’ve already covered music, but what about the times when you can’t pump up your tunes in public? Easy, you just grab hold of a Nokia Purity Pro Headset. It´s incredible audio experience is made even better by well-balanced design and soft ear pads that make it ideal for long listening sessions. Lightweight, durable and with integrated call handing, they’re made to for us mobile music maniacs.  


The Nokia X Burton Insulator Case

Okay this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if like us you hang out in the far north, where temperatures can hit a mercury bashing minus 25, it’s good to keep your Nokia Lumia 820 warm. Created for snowboarders, the Nokia X Burton Insulator Case thermally protects your smartphone to help save battery life in even the chilliest conditions. In fact, in some cases it can extend your battery life by up to 50% in cold or sub-zero temperatures. Keeping warm never looked so cool.


That’s our fantastic five gifts, but what about yours? If you could have anything you wanted for you Nokia Lumia 820, what would it be and why? As ever, we’d would love to hear your thoughts, wrapped in tinsel, below.