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Nokia Lumia 820

Here at Nokia Connects we like nothing more than a good session of checking out what you guys have to say about some of the latest phones, not just in words, but on camera, where you often wear your heart on your sleeve and say just what you think (there’s no Backspace key when you’re mid-review).

So without further ado, the Nokia Lumia 820 is under the microscope today. We’ll start as always with a nifty Nokia Lumia 820 unboxing – this one from geekyranjit:

Ranjit covers all the bases and it’s an excellent look at the phone. He even throws in a couple of opinions among the facts – the phone is ‘pretty solid….with a premium feel’ and the ‘keyboard is very responsive and easy to type [on]’.

Moving on to a review now, Aaron from PhoneDog has a review of the Nokia 820 – and he has so much to say, he’s split it into two parts:

He does spend some time mentioning other devices (in a Nokia Lumia 820 review), but in the comparisons, the Nokia comes out really well. There’s so much to say, it might be worth taking a break between Parts 1 and 2, just to recover and gather your thoughts before jumping in to the conclusion.

Highlights include:

‘great personalisation and customisation’

‘the extra value applications…are great’

Finally for today, I found this nugget – a Nokia Lumia 820 camera test video from GSMinfo:

Have you had a chance to spend some time with the Nokia Lumia 820? Formed your own opinion and committed it to digital paper (blog) or film (YouTube/Vimeo)? If so, I’d love to see it, so leave me a comment with a link, or send it to us on Twitter, and I’ll check it out.

[Image credit: PocketLint]