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Yellow Nokia Lumia 920

As you sit impatiently hoping Santa Claus places a delightfully wrapped Nokia device under the Christmas tree, we thought we’d show you just some of the great benefits you can look forward to. You know how it works, here is the round-up of the best content on the ‘interweb.’

City Lens Camera View

Described as ‘Terminator vision’, this Stuff Middle East piece identifies how augmented reality uses the Lumia 920’s camera, accelerometer and GPS connections to map out where the user is and where they are going. It’s a very bright and insightful look at the swift and effective use of the Lumia 920’s software and signals the huge potential the device has.

Danish Music Video

In laymen’s terms, this is just cool. Using only a Lumia 920 camera, this video truly puts the device’s motion-capturing qualities to the test.  Shot handheld, Norwegian Anders candidly films his musician friends, Benjamin Dante, Mads von Froberg and Jonas Jarlkov performing their new song, Reach For The Sky in a Danish studio. The conditions were of extremely low light, but with the Lumia 920’s superb video-capturing capabilities, it was a piece a cake – thus why Arun Prasad seems so enamored by it. The tune is somewhat catchy as well.


The Lumia 920’s camera is so good that ‘nothing compares to it’, according to Dustin in his review of the product.  After spending a week with the Lumia 920, he was shocked by the ‘unbelievable’ quality of pictures and video to the extent that he bluntly stated: “I don’t know how they do it but it’s awesome.” Additionally, he praised the ‘cool’ video hub app which consists of the full history of music and videos on your phone. All in all, he couldn’t help but be ‘really happy with the phone.’ Hip hip hooray!

And finally, we have a ride on the wilder side. Literally. Iytoa Wang’s video brilliantly showcases the Lumia 920’s optical image stabilisation capabilities as he films himself bungee jumping and whizzing down a zipwire above a beautiful beach. The vivid and clear nature of the footage is enough to leave a good man (or woman) feeling slightly envious.         

The last round up before Christmas is complete. What do you think of the content above? Do you agree wirth any of the points made? Share your views either by commenting here or on Twitter.