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Pino Bonetti

Sharing their Windows Phone 8 Start screen with us today is‘s Pino Bonetti, who is, of course, a regular contributor to Nokia Conversations and will be familiar to many of our readers.

If you’ve ever left a comment on a post about Nokia’s location-based tools then Pino has probably responded to you!

Pino has a Nokia Lumia 920 and here he tells us what’s on his Start screen.

Pino Bonetti Start screen

Tell us the apps you’ve prioritised (put at the top, made big) and why?

I love texting and social networks, which is why all the messaging apps are very important to me; they are all on top so that I can see what’s going on with just one swipe.

There are two email accounts, one for Nokia, one personal; Whatsapp, Messaging for SMS and Facebook chat, and last but not least the Facebook app that beautifully shows my cover photo as a big size tile. Also very important are weather forecasts, which is why I let Weather Flow control my lock screen too.

What apps do you use to pass the time?

Cinemagraph! I’m sure I’m not very original with this, but it’s such a fun app to use. I even have some fun shots of Nokia Conversations’ editor in chief Tiina  🙂 .

I love taking pictures and I’m amazed by the quality of the shots taken with my Nokia Lumia 920. With the camera lenses I can be even more creative and I think I have downloaded all of them.

Pino Bonetti Start screen

What is the last app you paid for, and what does it do?

Rowi. It’s by far the best Twitter app for Windows Phone, imo. It costs a little but provides such a great mobile experience for one of my favourite social networks.

Which app(s) is your guilty pleasure?

Everyone knows that I love to travel, that’s how I get to test all our location based apps like Nokia Maps and Nokia Transport in different conditions and parts of the world. But my true guilty pleasure is SkyScanner with which I can search for my next flights anytime, anywhere. I’m making a lot of airlines happy 🙂 .