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Poll: where is it acceptable to use your phone?

I think it’s fair to say that mobile phones are very much integral to everyday life, and they’re here to stay. This has meant that our social behaviours have had to adapt to this technology as we accept these machines into our lives. But how entrenched are they, and should we have limits as to where the mobile phone should go? Do we want to be distracted by a phone conversation at a cinema, or do we want to be ‘lolling’ at an SMS at a funeral? You tell us.

When mobile phones first arrived on the scene in the 80s, they were a tool for businessmen as well as symbol of how successful (and rich) you were. With the cost of mobile phones and smartphones becoming much more affordable, more people around the world rely on these to contact family members, friends and make important connections in their business lives.

Mobile phones now sit in our pockets, beside our computers while we work and take place beside us on our sofas as we settle down to watch the TV. They are the last thing we look at night and the first thing we look at in the morning. It’s like we see them as an addition to our family.

Naturally, this means that we take them everywhere.

But should there be limits?

Should some zones be mobile-free?

We’ve split our poll into two halves; the first is aimed at making actual phone calls, the second is for texting. Tick the boxes next to the place you think that phone calls should be allowed. This is all in the interest of debate and fun. Vote away! We’ll take a look at the results next week.

Image credit: scragz