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Harri Holmsten – my Windows Phone 8 Start screen

Harri last appeared on Nokia Conversations back in September. He’s an ex-professional snowboarder and now one of our Product Marketing Managers involved with the Nokia x Burton activities, among other things.

But enough about his work. Let’s answer the important question: what’s on his Start screen?


Like everyone else, Harri’s Start screen is a mixture of what he needs for work and personal choices that reflect his personality. “It’s a mix of business and pleasure apps such as calendar, email, photos and social stuff. That mix looks good on my start screen and gives you the info you need at a glance. “

A Twitter fanatic and a Facebook fan, social media apps play a big part in Harri’s use of the phone, but when he’s travelling and offline, it’s other apps that come to the fore: “When I’m traveling and don’t have Internet access I love to play with Nokia and third-party image editing apps like Smart Shoot, Cinemagraph, Photo Grid, Creative Studio and Lomogram.”

We asked Harri about the guilty pleasures hidden among his Tiles. He admits: “MMA Underground – keeps you up to speed what’s happening in the world of mixed martial arts.”

Well, even if you think that’s a silly choice, not many people would have the guts to say it to his face…