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PureView on the Lumia 920


Juha Alakarhu is one of the crack team that came up with the 41-megapixel Nokia 808 PureView, launched back in February. And more recently his know-how had a key role to play in developing the amazing low-light performance capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 920.

You might suspect that his Start screen would be full of camera and imaging apps, and you’d be half-right. But let’s take a look.

Start Screen

Well, yes there are definitely cameras and pictures in there. But at the end of the day, everyone needs their phone to connect with other people.

So, as he told us, he has given the first tiles to the most important people in his life – so he “can see their updates at a glance”.

The first tiles also include calendar, music hub, photos hub, and some news applications.

“I like the Aukio app, because it collects news from several sources and and has a live tile. I also have the airplane mode and cellular data connection on the top because I travel a lot.”

For social media, his weapon of choice is Twabbit, a “nice Twitter client”.

“Then there are some maps and apps, and of course a big chunk of imaging apps. Most of the tiles are small because there are so many of them in the Start screen. My favourite image editing apps are Nokia Creative Studio and Thumba,” says Juha.

Start Screen

“I also spend a lot of time with Cinemagraph, but I start it from the camera lens picker, so I don’t have a tile for it in the Start screen. Regarding imaging and photos, I have synchronized the ‘white flag’ photos from Lightroom to Skydrive, so my photo archive travels with me.”

“The latter part of the Start screen has various applications: news from various sources, battery level, Shazam, World clock, etc. Most of the tiles at the bottom of the Start screen are big because it makes them quicker to notice when scrolling the screen.”

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

“Well, none of the apps specifically, but maybe I’m spending too much time with my phone 🙂 ”