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Burton 465

 Snowboarding might be all about stamina, balance and instinct, but the sport was born in a Eureka moment of creative thinking. Way back in 1965, a big-hearted guy called Sherman Poppen fastened two skis together and attached a rope at one end, so his daughter could glide down a hill in Muskegon, Michigan. And, hey presto, snowboarding was born.  

Pop-tarting, cannonballing and shredding

Things have changed a heck of a lot since then. Thanks to snowboarding legends like Jake Burton, who founded the company that shares his name, snowboarding’s popularity has skyrocketed. In fact, snowboarding, once considered the passion of the poorly dressed, the rude and the radical, is now one of the world’s fastest growing sports. In the US alone, there’s an estimated 6 million boarders pop-tarting, cannonballing and shredding.

Burton 2

Thanks to this popularity, there’s more movies, more photography and more music dedicated to this unique tribe than ever. But for a sport that prides itself on constantly coming up with new kick ass tricks, there’s always room for something different. And that’s where you come in.

Win an all expenses paid trip to Colorado

As part of this year’s Burton US Open, held in the stunning resort of Vail, Colorado, Nokia are seeking two talented individuals to join their media team from 28th February 2013, for a four day, all-expenses, paid trip. Their task will be to document all the awesome action with the world’s most innovative smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920. The end result will be showcased, for the whole world to see, on and in Clash Magazine. Runners up will receive a Burton Snowboard and a Nokia Lumia 920.

Burton 3

To make your mark on the slopes, all you need to do is show what snowboarding and its culture mean to you. You can use whatever medium you want: film (two mins max), photography, art or design, as long as it illustrates what you think makes snowboarding amazing.

Once you’ve finished, submit your entry through Talenthouse’s Creative invite right here

Any questions, pop them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help.