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Tomi Penttila - my Windows Phone 8 Start screen

Tomi is the new Head of Nokia Gear, our accessories division. That’s got to be a good place to be right now, with such a strong portfolio under his wing. The JBL PowerUp speakers and Purity by Monster headphones are our current favourites. We’re really interested to see what 2013 will bring from his division.

But when it comes to the apps on his phone, Tomi keeps business on top and pleasure down below:

“I have the basics on top: unanswered calls, SMS and People Hub. In addition, I have my alarm clock and a shortcut to Settings. I use that mainly to switch between silent and vibrating mode. I also use Nokia Maps and Drive quite a lot. I also keep IE nearby – browsing starts to be fun with the fantastic Lumia 920 display. I also keep the Store within the easy reach to remind me of the latest updates.”


Still at work a full screen down, Gear-related apps come up next on Tomi’s Start screen.

“The cool stuff I have are related to accessories. I have Wireless Charging Stand on my bedside table and that allows me to launch automatically Bedside clock by just tapping stand (thanks to NFC). I also have The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf app waiting my US trip. With that app I can find the nearest café where I can also charge my phone wirelessly. The huge Mix Radio Tile I use to listen music with my Monster Purity Pro. Right now, the latest hits from Sweden have got the main spot.”

“My favourite app to pass the time is Finnish teletext. This old-school service has retained the #1 position as my favourite news hub, even though I have tried all the latest and coolest apps.  I love the simplicity of teletext – global and local news with one sight. Typically, after reading the headlines I find myself browsing the sport results – this year though less on morning time. Page 235 with NHL results from last night have been missing due to lockout in National Hockey League.”

Tomi continues: “ My last paid app was Netflix. It just arrived in Finland so of course I needed to give a try. It’s good companion when travelling, mainly because it has been made easy to pause and continue watching later.”

“My guilty pleasure app is a Finnish betting app called “Veikkaus”. I love betting on soccer results, even though I’m not very good at it. Luckily, I know my weaknesses and keep my bets small. And even when I lose, I’m happy to know that Veikkaus contributes its total proceeds to the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, which distributes them further to Finnish arts, sports, science, and youth work.”