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Quinn Damerell

Quinn Damerell is the brains behind the award-winning app, Baconit, a mobile client for Reddit.

Since he first spoke to us in July, Quinn has relocated to Seattle where he actually works for Microsoft’s Windows Phone team. How cool is that? 

Here, Quinn spills the beans on his Start screen.


Tell us the apps you’ve prioritised and why?

I prefer to have many small tiles so I can see a lot of information at a glance, and generally I like to keep the most important things towards the top. I keep my Me tile, my girlfriend’s live tile, a group I created of my friends, and my weather live tile larger than all the others because those are the ones I care about most.

What apps do you use to pass the time?

When I have down time, I usually like to browse reddit via my app Baconit or play a game like Cut the Rope. I also like to browse news with an app called Fuse to keep up to date on everything in the tech world.

What is the last app you paid for, and what does it do?

The last app I paid for was the game Contre Jour and it is so amazing. It’s really fun and kind of a cross between World of Goo and Cut the Rope; I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new game to play.

Which app(s) is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t know if I would call this a guilty pleasure but I have actually been playing quite a lot of the game Jet Set Go. I saw my girlfriend playing it one day (she’s addicted to games like that and Sally’s Salon…) so I decided to give it a try. There is just something about the game that makes it hard to put down.