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AT&T Hackaton

The CES 2013 expo is going down in Las Vegas, but this week was also active for another audience in Sin City. The AT&T Developers Summit, which Nokia was a Platinum Sponsor of, just wrapped, bringing mobile developers together in the sunny Nevada desert.

Nokia sponsored the Hackathon, where developers produced apps in a marathon session for the chance to win cool prizes and fanfare at the event.

Rewarding the Developers

Nokia gave away 10 backpacks to the top 10 Windows Phone apps that included a Microsoft Surface, a Nokia Lumia 920, a Microsoft Premium Developer Token and other goodies, making the backpacks very popular prizes.

AT&T Developers Party

The AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon had more than 400 attendees who produced apps in a whirlwind fashion.  Of the mobile apps produced, over half of them were for Windows Phone. Also, two of the top three apps that were judged at the Keynote were Windows Phone applications.

Congrats to the Grand Prize winner, Ruggero Scorconi, who wrote an app called Good Times and won $30,000 for best application overall. This innovative app reads your neural activity. If the app senses you are angry, it will block you from taking a call until you’re in a calmer mood.

Scorconi loves writing apps for Windows Phone and said, “if it wasn’t for the ease of use of the Windows Phone Platform, Nokia and their Developer Ambassadors, it would have taken me up to six months to build a prototype. In stead, I had a working proto in less than 48 hours.”

Time to Party

Nokia also put on an amazing Developer Party with 8-bit as the theme. Attendees played video games, had 8-bit caricatures drawn of them and enjoyed an amazing DJ who put on as much a show to the eye as beats rained down.

Lastly, as an evening event, Nokia sponsored an exclusive concert by famous – and local – rock band, The Killers. Safe to say, they put on an absolutely stunning performance.

AT&T Nokia Killers Concert