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Nokia Asha 205

Sari heads up business management in the Mobile Phones division and 2013 will be her 10th year with Nokia.

Her favourite from the current Asha range combines a whole host of functionality and some unique features with a very low asking price. It also looks stunning, of course.

Nokia Asha 205

It’s the Nokia Asha 205.

Who would you recommend this phone to?

Many of my friends love sending long SMS, email, facebook messages etc. while juggling a million other things – this is easy with the Nokia Asha 205 as the QWERTY keyboard is super for typing quickly, and even with just one hand. 

What do you think is the one unique feature in this phone?

Well, that is hard to choose. I’d go either with the fun colours or the great keyboard including the Facebook key… I would otherwise say all the great apps and experiences like the browser, games, social networks etc.  But those aren’t unique to Asha 205: they come on all the models in the Asha family  :-D.

What’s the killer app you recommend on this phone?

My definite favourite is Slam, especially for sharing pictures with friends right away after taking them. So often, you take a nice fun shot, promise to share it later, but never remember to do it. Slam solves the problem and makes sure we all can have the best takes on our phones right away.

For me, the runner-up is the Nokia Nearby app, helping to find for example  a cosy, nice café around when traveling. For all the FB-junkies, the killer feature would definitely be the dedicated Facebook key.