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Jeppe Christensen

Jeppe is an editor for Nokia Conversations based in San Francisco, where he also looks after social media for Nokia USA.

Prior to moving to the New World, Jeppe, a Danish-national, also studied in London. A self-confessed technology junkie, here’s his Windows Phone 8 Start screen.

Jeppe's Start screen

What apps have you prioritised and why?

It may sound obvious but the top part of my Start screen is still all about staying in touch with the most important people in my life. I’ve got a People tile next to the tile for my girlfriend and then a Room tile with the people I work with the most at Nokia.

I’ve also got Skype handy as well as the GChat+ app for staying in touch with people using Google Chat. I’ve separated my email so I have one Inbox for work and one for personal correspondence. Oh, and I’m toying around with Nokia Pulse beta. I’m really looking forward to using that come CES.

Scroll down a bit and I’ve got tiles associated with Nokia Maps, Drive, Transit and City Lens, and I’ve got a shortcut to my home address so finding my way is always fast and easy.

The middle part of my Start screen is dedicated to exploring my surroundings. Having recently moved to San Francisco, I often boot up apps such as Groupon, Yelp, OpenTable, UrbanSpoon and Foodspotting.

Jeppe's Start screen

What is the last app you paid for, and what does it do? 

Caltrain. It’s $1.99 for the ad-free version, and it really is the must-have app for commuting in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m hoping to take the train more and drive less in 2013 so this app is the first step.

Recently I’ve also used my phone quite a lot as a replacement for all the cards my wallet. LevelUp is a great service and makes it so easy to pay for a burger or cup of coffee. I simply hold up my phone, show a QR code on the screen and that’s it. I can even add a tip if I’m feeling generous.

Which app(s) is your guilty pleasure? 

I love creating my own custom mixes using Nokia Music, or just explore some of the many curated mixes that you can find in there. I’m somewhat of a news junkie, and the CNN app is really well made. It’s fast and easy to use, and I love they way they’ve integrated video.

From time to time I explore the news stream using Weave News Reader, and I keep feeding my brain a healthy and constant dose of NPR using the NPR News app.